Monitoring System 

Visualisation, Evaluation, Monitoring,
Control in one Package -
Autonomous, Validatable Network Measurement System 


MDA-Net autonomously records measurement data from various sensors. Each measuring input can be assigned to a relay and to an analogue signal output. These are autonomously controlled by the measuring system based on the configuration (e.g. limit values). The relay circuit can be controlled with an individual time delay. The entire system is connected via network. The advantage of this is that the system can be interlinked in different locations, which saves measuring cables and installation costs.
Each unit is adapted according to the customer's requirements, e.g. with regard to the number and type of measurement inputs and signal outputs. These configurations may be extended at any time.
For additional data security, all measurement data are written to an SD card. These measurement data are read in with the software and compared with the local data if necessary. All additions to the measurement data are logged in the audit trail. 


Software MDA-Net 


The validatable (21 CRF Part 11), touchscreen-compatible Windows software records all measurement data, alarm information and input functions (audit trail). Each measuring input is configured individually, e.g. with regard to scaling, warning limit, alarm limit, alarm delays and alarm recipients.
User administration comprises several levels - from administrator to user - with different user rights settings for various software functions. User management complies with the latest standards.
All logs are saved as protected PDF documents and can be printed or sent by e-mail.
The audit trail entries are encrypted. Various filter functions such as date and time, user, event and entries are available to help you locate entries more quickly. Each table view - all data and filtered data - of the Audit Trail can be saved as a protected PDF file, printed and sent by e-mail. With the filtered data, all applied filter functions are displayed in the log.
As an extended function the software administrator can activate the backup function.
The backup path and the freely adjustable backup interval must be entered for the data backup.
As the software blocks access to Windows, data may neither be altered nor deleted. Even if the PC is restarted, the system starts the software automatically and monitoring is active again.