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Tinytag from Gemini Data Loggers 


Tinytag data loggers accurately and reliably monitor temperature, humidity, power usage, CO2 and other environmental parameters. Made in the UK, Tinytags include compact units for indoor use and rugged devices for industrial and outdoor applications.

Networkable monitoring system MDA-NET The MDA-NET is a multi-channel monitoring system with great functionality. 


In cooperation with various chemical and pharmaceutical companies numerous functions have been added to the successor product of MDA600A. The measuring system stores and monitors up to 128 measuring inputs. Via a network connection the MDA-NET may be extended by additional measurement inputs.
The Windows software is CRF 21 Part 11 compliant and also complies with the GAMP 5 standard.
For mobile measurement applications, the system is installed in a robust measuring case including remote data retrieval (GSM).  



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Single-use Real-Time Temp & RH and Location Data Logger 

It`s time to use TT18 real-time data logger to real-time manage and control your products while in-transit.
This easy to use system provides global visibility at an affordable cost.
Simply initiate a shipment and place a TT18 real-time data logger.
Cloud-based monitoring platform will then start reporting location,temperature and humidity.
So you always know where your products are and in what condition.
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MESSmatik AG has been active in the metrology sector for almost 20 years. Our many years of experience allow us to perform complete installations of monitoring systems, calibrations (SCS and factory) in our laboratory or on site, mappings of climate chambers, qualifications of measurement systems and software developments (Windows).
The measurement devices which we distribute cover a wide range of applications. Naturally, we also offer advice on these devices.
Do you need a special solution? That is our strong point!
We will put together a solution based on your specifications. 


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